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Nubetico is the ultimate managed-cloud platform made for small and medium-sized businesses.

Meet the brand new platform developed by Central Informatica. Our passion for new technologies drives us further to offer managed services in the cloud. Let us take care of your data so that you can focus on your business, alongside our top-notch technology seamlessly integrating with your existing data solutions to prepare your cloud strategy for the future. With Nubetico, we develop a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy tailored to the needs of your company.

Unlimited storage, always available, endlessly affordable.

Nubetico is the core of your enterprise-ready business cloud. While moving your data to the cloud may be a necessity for many companies, Nubetico, makes it an opportunity. Find out why…


Take advantage of our single-source expertise in DevOps and Cloud Hosting. Achieve efficiency and product quality while reducing costs.


Backup in seconds

Nubetico provides the benefits of data storage in the cloud, offering secure backups for your business data.

Data storage

Scalable and high-performance object storage compatible with S3. It’s designed to store large amounts of content.

Ransomware Protection

When you suffer from a ransomware attack, it’s not just your data that’s at risk, but your entire business. A solid data protection strategy with immutability and off-site backups can be the difference between business as usual and bringing operations to a halt.

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